Fixing Repository in Kali Linux

After installing the most famous OS for pentesting it is recommended to fix the repository in Kali Linux for installing new packages(softwares) via apt-get, a package manager. It is recommended to fix the repository because Advance Packaging Tool(apt) needs to update the softwares to there newer versions. 

There is an Official document on how to fix repository in Kali Linux by Kali Developers on Kali Linux Webiste

Follow the steps to fix the repository in Kali Linux:

1. Open terminal and type " leafpad /etc/apt/sources.list ". Leafpad is text editor in Kali Linux.

2.  In sources.list file you will see something else in the file, its related to its repository but still you need to change for accuracy to its packages

You will need to change your sources.list file as shown in the above screenshot. Save and quit the file after editing.

3. Close the sources.list file. Open terminal and type " apt-get clean " to erase all the downloaded archives from the system

4. Now type " apt-get update " in the terminal and wait for the update to complete

5. Last and the final step to complete the process of fixing the repository in Kali Linux is type
" apt-get upgrade " in the terminal and wait untill the upgrade completes its process

NOTE: You might get the different size to download and for the upgrade process
               It is recommended to see the official document provided by the Kali Developers.

If you want me to make tutorial on your topic or have any doubt than please feel free to contact me. I will try my best to solve your problem.


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