Installing Metasploitable 2 in VMware Player

Metaploitable 2 is an intentionally vulnerable linux virtual machine. This VM is used to conduct security training, test security tools and practice common penetration testing techniques.

The default username and password is " msfadmin "

Please Never expose this vulnerable VM to an untrusted network.

To contact the Developer's, email -

Installing Metasploitable 2

1. Download Metasploitable 2

2. After downloading, extract the files to any location

3. Open VMware and go to "Files" > "Open" and navigate to metasploitable 2 folder which you have               extracted

4. Click on "Power on this virtual machine"

5. Click on "I Copied It"

6. After booting, metaploitable 2 will ask you for the username and password. Default username is "msfadmin " and password is " msfadmin "

Note : password field will not show anything you type but it is hidden as this is for security reasons and after typing password press "Enter" to proceed

7. type " ifconfig" to see the ip address of metasploitable 2 and note the ip address as this is vulnerable server

8. Now open Kali Linux and open browser(Iceweasel) and type the ip address

In order to close the metaploitable 2 right click on tab, goto "Power" > "Poweroff"

Try this by yourself and keep practicing.

If you want me to make tutorial on your topic or have any doubt than please feel free to contact me. I will try my best to solve your problem.


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