Changing Login Screen Wallpaper in Kali Linux

Bored to see the same wallapaper at login screen??Change it now and get cool looking wallpaper at login screen

Here's the tutorial that shows you how you can change the login screen  wallpaper in Kali Linux

Changing Login Screen Wallpaper in Kali Linux:

1. Open Computer and navigate to the following path  Computer > File System > usr > share > images > desktop-base

2. Copy the image that you want to set as a wallpaper in login screen and paste it in the desktop-base  folder

3. Now navigate to the following path Computer > File System > usr > share > gdm > dconf and open the file named as 10-desktop-base-settings in leafpad

4. Make the following changes in the file 10-desktop-base-settings as shown in the below screenshot

Here you can change the position of the image as center, zoom, fill and streched. Save and Quit the file

5. And reboot your system and you are done by setting up the login screen wallpaper 

Hope that you are not came acrossed any problem and successfull in setting up the login screen wallpaper.

If you want me to make tutorial on your topic or have any doubt than please feel free to contact me. I will try my best to solve your problem.


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    1. it will not work in Kali Linux 2.0

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