Installing XAMPP in Kali Linux

Introduction to XAMPP

is an Apache distribution which contains MySQL, PHP and Perl. XAMPP is very easy to install and to use.

The acronym of XAMPP is   X(to be read as cross, means cross platform)
                                        A(Apache HTTP Sever)

XAMPP is a cross platform supported. Compared to LAMP and MAMP, XAMPP gives you more flexibility and stability and very easy to use.

Here's a list of all AMP's (Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python)

Installation of XAMPP

1. Open iceweasel browser and navigate to the Download XAMPP

2. We need to extract the downloaded file by opening terminal and type " cd /root/Desktop " and then           " tar -xzvf xampp-linux-1.8.0.tar.gz "

3. you have to move "lampp" folder to "/opt" because whatever we install, it will install in "/opt" directory. To start a lampp server type " /opt/lampp/lampp start " and  " /opt/lampp/lampp stop " to stop the lampp server

4. Open up the browser and navigate to localhost or and select your language

5. Congratulations! you have successfully installed XAMPP in kali linux and you are reached to index.html of XAMPP and look out the other options given below like "Status" , "Security" , "phpinfo()" etc.

6. Now its time to configure the XAMPP's "Security" option as you can see it is unsecured

7. Configuring "Security" is very essential for creating a secure local server. Open terminal and type              " /opt/lampp/lampp security "

8. Goto browser and press refresh button. You will see that all usecured service are now secured and asking password for accessing the xampp pages. Username: lampp Password: (that you have entered)

And you are done with the configuration of xampp.

NOTE: if you want to upload your own project than goto "Computer" > "File System" > "opt" > "lampp" > "htdocs" > create a folder and start uploading your projects.

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  1. when i try to install it show error

    xampp now avalable only in 32bit ,,,,,,,,,where should i find 32bit tar.gz file

  2. Am also experiencing the same problem......can someone assist please.


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