Installing VMware tools in Kali Linux

After installing Kali Linux in VMware Player it is recommended to install vmware tools for using features like copying files from host machine to Kali Linux, using Kali in full screen mode etc.

If you want to use Kali Linux in full screen.

Following below steps will lead you to full screen of Kali Linux

1. Click on "VM" and select "Install VMware Tools" and wait until CD-ROM detects

2. Double click on "VMware Tools"

3. Copy "VMwareTools-9.6.0-1294478.tar.gz" to "Desktop" by right clicking and select option "Copy To" > "Desktop"

4. In windows .rar is extension of compressed files and in linux .tar is extension of compressed files so we need to extract the tar file by typing commands in terminal

5. Type " tar  -xzvf  /root/Desktop/VMwareTools-9.6.0-1294478.tar.gz " and press "Enter". Dont panic on     what you see its just showing the extracted files

6. type the following commands:
                         1) cd  vmware-tools-distrib
                         2) ./
                         3) [/usr/bin] --> press "Enter"
                         4) [/etc] --> "Enter"
                         5) [/etc/init.d] --> "Enter"
                         6) [/usr/sbin] --> "Enter"
                         7) [/usr/lib/vmware-tools] --> "Enter"
                         8) [yes] --> "Enter"
                         9) [/usr/share/doc/vmware-tools] --> "Enter"
                        10) [yes] --> "Enter"
                        11) [yes] --> "Enter"
                        12) [yes] --> "Enter"
                        13) [no] --> "Enter"
                        14) [yes] --> type "no" and press "Enter"
                        15) [no] --> type "yes" and press "Enter"
and finally your vmware tools has been installed and restart your Kali Linux by typing "reboot"

7. Now you can use Kali Linux in full screen mode in VMware Player

8. To upgrade Kali Linux open terminal and type "apt-get  dist-upgrade ". It is recommended to upgrade and update kali linux in order to use new tools, new version of kali linux and many more features

9. Updating kali linux

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