Installing VMWare Player


We will setup Kali Linux, Metasploitable 2 and Windows
as Virtual Machines (VMs) using VMWare Player on a host computer.

Setting up our testing lab using virtual machines makes it very easy to learn offensive computer security testing using Kali.

Virtual machines make it possible to run several operating systems on a single computer. That way we do not need a room full of computers to set up a testing and learning environment. We only need one machine powerful enough to run several Virtual Machine sessions at once.

When done, you should have a small test network that looks something like this:

Because we will be dealing with vulnerable operating systems, make sure that you have a Firewall Router (Preferably hardware) between the Host system and the live internet.

Installing VMWare Player

1. Download VMware Player

2. Open the Setup and Start Installing as you install other programs.








9. Installation is in process. Grab a cup of coffee till it gets complete.

10. Enter the serial key in order to get full version and get access to maximum features of VMWare Player
                       [ 0Y0EE-8AH86-JZWR1-2L876-1AF2P ]

                       [ HF2NH-8FJE3-4ZRE8-91A5P-9A91R ]

It is recommended to purchase the VMWare Player as developers of it are worth it.

11. You are done with the installation of VMWare Player. It might tell you to restart.

Now its time to install kali linux, metasploitable 2 and a windows system.

My next blog will be on installing this three VM's in VMWare Player. So keep visiting.


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