Installing Google Chrome in Kali Linux


An internet browser developed by Google Inc. that combines a minimal design with sophisticated techonology to make the web faster, safe and easier. The Google Chrome Browser offers features including access to favorite pages instantly with thumbnails, desktop shortcuts to launch web applications, and independently run tabs within the browser to prevent browser crashing.

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Installing Google Chrome

1. Open Iceweasel browser and navigate to download page of Google Chrome

2. Kali Linux is debian OS so you need to download debian package. After downloading, type below commands to installed debian package 

3. Goto "Applications" > "Internet" > "Google Chrome". It will show you an error that google chrome can not be run as a root and start as a normal user.

4. To correct the above error, goto "Computer" > "File System" > "opt" > "google" > "chrome", select google-chrome and right click on it and open with GVim

5. Open google-chrome in GVim and press i for insert, add " --user-data-dir " in last line and press ESC and then :wq to save and quit the file.

6. Now open Google chrome browser

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